Student Evaluations of Teaching

Below is a sampling of comments about Sara Mitcho's teaching from students. Click on the link at the bottom of the page for a compilation of numerical evaluations and a few student comments about each course taught.

“Dr. Mitcho sets herself apart by truly engaging with her students during lecture. She takes great pains to ensure everyone participates, is involved, and understands the lecture material. The personal and individual approach proves very effective in the classroom. It is evident that she is not only communicating the material as required, but engendering a genuine curiosity and global awareness in her students.”

- Fall 2016

“Prof. Mitcho was very respectful and approachable. She made lectures very entertaining and stimulating. Her positivity was infectious and her selected readings were great and profound. This class changed my life.”

- Fall 2015

"Mrs. Mitcho was very kind and passionate about our learning experience. I learned a great deal from our discussions, and she always spoke very clearly and explained concepts very well in a manner that made my science-majored self want to learn more. The class was very well organized and expectations were very clear. Mrs. Mitcho was one of the best professors I’ve had a Mason!”

- Fall 2015

"Prof. Mitcho was an amazing teacher. I looked forward to this class every week. She is incredibly smart, kind, and well-spoken. The readings were great and I loved her lecture style. The films and videos helped me to understand much of the theory and terminology in class. Would recommend any class taught by her."

- Fall 2015

"Very few courses have altered my personal world perspective. This was one of them. The professor and class material was challenging and engaging. The professor was consistently enthusiastic and dynamic, daring the class to defend their own personal ideologies.”

- Spring 2015

“The interactive class discussions were very helpful in helping me understand the material. The professor was always easy to get in touch with"

- Fall 2014

“The teachers [sic] comments on my paper helped me learn . . . rather than just
giving me a grade for it.”

- Fall 2009

“Prof. Mitcho was very accessible and ALWAYS willing to meet with
and help her students outside of class.”

- Fall 2009

"Professor Mitcho encourages class participation and active class discussions. This makes the class intellectually stimulating and helps students retain the information that has been taught . . . Professor Mitcho is an excellent professor and clearly puts a lot of effort into helping her students learn and be successful.”

- Summer 2009

"She was always prepared and I was anxious to go to class . . . I always enjoyed coming.”

- Summer 2009

“This course was required and as such my expectations weren’t high. Prof. Mitcho, however, went to great lengths to engage all students in ways beneficial to their particular learning style. She was always energetic and well prepared for class, doing her best to make it both informative and engaging. I would recommend her to other students who plan to take her class.”

- Spring 2009

“Mrs. Mitcho cares about her students a lot.

- Spring 2009

“Professor Mitcho is a great instructor—she is very helpful and has stimulating, interesting lectures. She is very respectful of her students.”

- Spring 2008

“Great professor, good teaching style, class very well organized”

- Fall 2007

“I learned right from the start"

- Summer 2007

“Excellent interaction with students”

- Spring 2007

“The comments and feedback I received helped me a lot on the projects.”

- Spring 2007

“One way the course was helpful was . . . the availability of the professor.”

- Fall 2006

“Despite it being a 3-hour class, she kept us attentive”

- Summer 2006

“Every paper she graded came with useful and detailed comments that really helped in my revisions, and really helped when I was writing other papers. Professors usually don’t put as much effort into grading as we put into writing.”

- Spring 2006

"She made me feel like she truly cared and enjoyed every minute teaching. I wish I could take a class with her again.”

- Fall 2005

“She . . . prepares students to meet challenges outside the school world.”

- Fall 2005